old jazz statue of man playing trumpet on algiers point

Local Attractions

Federal City Inn & Suites in Gretna, Louisiana provides the perfect hotel base from which to discover all the things to do near New Orleans and the New Orleans’ West Bank.

Algiers Point

New Orleans’ second oldest neighborhood, Algiers Point, is populated with local businesses, cafes, pubs and galleries. This quiet neighborhood offers venues to enjoy delicious food, live music and the beautiful views of the city skyline and the Mississippi River.

For more information, please visit the attraction’s website.

Algiers Ferry

The Algiers Ferry, which has been in operation since 1827, transports passengers from Algiers Point across the Mississippi River to the foot of Canal Street – right next to the Aquarium of the Americas. The ride is for pedestrians and bikers only and costs $2. Those traveling by car may park in the in one of the nearby lots for a fee.

For more information and the ferry’s hours of service, please visit the attraction’s website.

riverside dock overlooking downtown new orleans

Jazz Walk of Fame

Once at “The Point,” after exiting the ferry landing, you’ll encounter a large statue of Louis Armstrong and the National Park Service Jazz Walk of Fame, where you can dial in or download a self-guided audio tour about the famous jazz musicians that called New Orleans home, prominently featured along this short walk on the levee. The Mississippi River Trail levee around Algiers Point has paved lanes for joggers and bicyclists, and is one of the most perfect spots for a picnic in all of the city.

For more information on the Jazz Walk, please visit the attraction’s brochure site.

Other Nearby Attractions

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